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The Grainfather is intuitive to use, sleek to look at and, not a word we use lightly, innovative. Why?

Firstly, the inbuilt temperature control on this electrical device is highly accurate and versatile – it’ll heat water (very) fast, but will also keep things level for the mash.

The Connect Control Box can be used via Bluetooth with the Connect App (iTunes/Google Play) to control it remotely, or send alerts for the next step. It also allows you to connect to the wider Grainfather Brewing Community to import and share recipes.



  • Grainfather
  • Grainfather Connect Control Box
  • Counter Flow Wort Chiller




  • The Grainfather is powered by electricity and designed to be used indoors. It has a controlled heating element that gives the right power for the point of brewing you are in. Heating from mash to boil takes as little as 20 minutes.

Control Box for heat and power control

  • The Connect Control Box works seamlessly with the Connect App (see below) and the Grainfather Brewing Community for the best possible brewing experience. You can create the recipes on the Grainfather Brewing Community and sync them with the Connect App. The control box has a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or iPad (see below) so it can be controlled remotely. This lets you get on with other stuff or relax, or it allows you to be alerted for your next step.
    • PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
    • Programmable step mashing
    • Delayed heating - fill your Grainfather with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away
    • Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily
    • Waterproof graphic display
    • Use in manual mode or with app


Grainfather Connect app

  • Grainfather grain kit recipes provided in the app
  • Ability to import recipes (Beer XML files) - NOTE: iOS9 and higher
  • Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
  • Change between celsius and fahrenheit easily
  • Grainfather calculators in app
  • Create recipes on the Grainfather Brewing Community and then sync these with the Connect App to brew



A 6 watt, 1,800 RPM magnetic powered pump is used to recirculate the wort through the grain bed for maximum efficiency, and through the counter-flow chiller and into your fermenter at the end of your boil. A pump filter works to stop hops and grain getting in the pump or pipework, also keeping the wort clear. The pump also helps the cleaning process by pumping detergent through all the pipework.


Grain basket

This expandable stainless steel basket fits neatly inside the Grainfather and can hold between 4.5-9kg of grain. The perforated plates and telescopic pipework allows you to adjust the size of the grain basket depending on the grain bill.

When you are ready to sparge, the basket can be lifted out with an easily-attached handle. A 45-degree turn then lets the grain basket’s feet sit on a support ring to allow the grain basket to drain while you batch sparge over the top.  

The Grainfather Micro Pipework (sold separately), can be used for grain sizes below 4.5kg.   


Counter flow wort chiller

Also included is the hugely efficient counter flow wort chiller. One end connects to the Grainfather's pump outlet, pushing the wort through an inner copper coil and along a hose into your fermenter, while the other connects to your cold water tap which will pass cold water in the opposite direction surrounding the copper coil, passing out as hot water which you can either collect for cleaning or pour down the sink.  In this way you can pump straight into your fermenter with 23 litres of wort being chilled to pitching temperatures in as little as 20 minutes. The cooled wort is generally cooled to approximately 5 degrees above the tap water.



Our homebrew hotline, manned by experts, is on hand to help you with any questions you may have.


NOTE: Required Specifications for the App are:
Hardware: iPhone 4S or higher
Software: iOS8 or higher Must have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

Android (currently in development, temporary version available)
Hardware: Android 4.3 (API Level 18) or higher
Software: Must have Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)/Bluetooth Smart

There is, quite simply, nothing like the all-in-one brewing system the Grainfather. And like the Godfather, all those who see it come under its spell. This model comes with the Connect control box, which can Bluetooth to your smartphone via a special app. In the same system, you can mash, sparge, boil and cool, using a magnetic pump to recirculate wort and pass it through the included counterflow chiller. This is a truly amazing piece of homebrew kit. In fact, it’ll set you up for life (or until you become a pro).


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