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Welcome to the ultimate, complete homebrewing setup; no plastic buckets, picnic boxes or cooker hobs in sight. Here you have the cutting edge of homebrewing innovation, with no corners cut or compromises made. Mash, sparge, boil and cool, and then ferment under precisely controlled conditions, all in gleaming stainless steel with programmable digital controls and smartphone interaction. The Grainfather Advanced Brewery Setup offers an unparalleled beer making experience, all the while taking up only a fraction of the space of a conventional three-tier setup. It even looks cool, so you might not want to hide it away in your garage or brew cave.

Bundle includes:

  • Grainfather Connect - All in One Brewing System
    • Connect Control Box
    • Counterflow Chiller
  • Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro edition
    • Conical Fermenter Dual-valve
    • Conical Fermenter Digital Temperature Contoller
    • Grainfather Conical Coat
  • Grainfather Glycol Chiller
    • Propylene Glycol 3L

Grainfather Connect features:

  • Electric heating suitable for use indoors. Go from mash to boil in as little as 20 minutes
  • Control box with Bluetooth connectivity. Programme multi-step mashes and import recipes
  • Magnetic pump for recirculating wort during mashing,  pumping wort through the counterflow chiller, and recirculating cleaning detergent
  • Counterflow wort chiller

Conical Fermenter Features:

  • Double-walled stainless steel body with an insulating polyurethane layer, keeping wort at a stable temperature with minimal influence from the outside
  • Integrated 12V heating element built into the body cavity, which heats the walls of the fermenter rather than the wort directly for gentle temperature control
  • Integrated stainless steel cooling sleeve built into the walls of the unit, which can be hooked up to a cold water source and pump, or a dedicated glycol cooling unit
  • Smooth interior walls with no projecting coils or excess valves, plus easy access for thorough cleaning and sanitation
  • Golden angle of 60º for the sloping conical bottom, the optimum angle for yeast and sediment to drop to the bottom without sticking to sides
  • Dual valve tap allowing you to sample and transfer from above the sediment line, and harvest yeast from below
  • Temperature control unit where you can dial in a fermentation temperature and schedule up to 5 stages, controlling the built-in heating element and cooling unit (if separate cooling unit has been attached)
Conical Fermenter Specifications:
  • Height (without airlock): 910mm / Height (with bubbler airlock) 1090mm / Diameter with handles: 360mm
  • 30 litre (8 US gallon) capacity. Volume markings on inner body up to 25L (7 US gallons)
  • 20-30W, 12V heating power
  • 38mm (1.5") ferrule on lid (for pressure transfer attachments)
  • 50mm (2") ferrule on bottom of cone
  • 304 stainless steel body (polished on inner and brushed on outer)

Glycol Chiller Features:
  • Cool 23L (6 US gallons) of wort to as low as 4-6ºC
  • Cool and power up to 4 conical fermenters at separate temperatures and schedules
Glycol Chiller Specifications:
  • LED display
  • 6L glycol tank
  • Height 656mm / Depth 450mm / Width 390mm
  • Weight 28.3kg
IMPORTANT: read all instructions for the glycol chiller thoroughly before use. Misuse may affect your warranty. 
  • Make sure the chiller has been standing upright for 24 hours before turning it on
  • Before using the chiller the pump must be primed using the correct quantity of water and glycol as per the instructions


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