Glass Carboy 5 US Gallon (18.9L)

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Be it wine, beer or mead, the classic glass carboy is a emblem of home fermentation that has stood the test of time, and remains a favourite with many home brewers to this day. So why choose a glass carboy over a plastic bucket?

Over time, plastic can allow small amounts of oxygen to pass through and into your beer, whereas glass is impenetrable to oxygen. This is particularly important for beers that have a long conditioning phase such as lagers, sours, and strong dark beers.

Secondly, glass will not pit and scratch as easily as plastic, meaning its surfaces will remain smooth and easy to sanitize, without hiding places for bugs and bacteria.

Finally, you can marvel at the swirling organic process that is fermentation - and get visual clues on where your brew might be in its process.

Pair with a No. 6.5 Bung or Small Universal Bung, plus a Three PIece Airlock or Bubbler Airlock.


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