Foamless Finish: Last Straw Counterpressure Filler

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Transform your purging bottle filler into a true one-handed counterpressure filler with the Foamless Finish. The attachment is designed to create a seal around the bottle's opening, meaning you can purge with CO2, pressurise the bottle, and then transfer your carbonated beer under pressure, meaning the CO2 stays in solution with no foaming or loss of fizz. The built-in pressure relief valve will automatically allow gas to escape while the bottle fills with beer, and easy disassembly means hassle-free cleaning and sanitation.

Click here for a video demonstration of the Foamless Finish in action.

Click here for the full product manual.

Designed to be used with a bottle filling wand such as the Last Straw, this attachment allows you to pressurise bottles before transferring direct from the keg, meaning a foamless transfer and no loss of carbonation.


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