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The German purity law enforced in 1516 states that only malt, barley, hops and water could be used to make beer, now germany make some of the best and most consistant beers around and the purity law can take a lot of credit for this.

However, beer is the most diverse drink in the world with an almost infinite range of ingredients and flavours that can be added. It's also the best alcoholc drink to have with food.

The point of this case was to find some of the most wonderfully bizzare flavoured beers in the Beer Hawk ranks to demonstrate just how varied beer can be and also to encourage you to experiment with beer and food pairings.

This case contains.

Magic Rock Dark Arts Hazelnut: Surreal Stout 6%

Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout: 5.3%

To Øl Dangerously Close To a Stupid Amount of Banana: DIPA 9.3%

Black Sheep Limencello: Berliner Weisse 3.8%

Gosnells Sour Mead Can: Mead 4% 

Tiny Rebel Pump Up The Jam: Jam Doughnut Pale Ale 5%

Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen: Smoked Marzen Lager 5.1%

Rodenbach Fruitage: Fuit Beer 4.2%

Hawkshead Imperial Flump King: Marshmallow Imperial Stout 10%

Teku Glass


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