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Duvel Tripel Hop Vintage (2016)

Duvel Tripel Hop Vintage (2017)

Duvel is brewed by Duvel Moortgat (founded in 1871)--a family-owned brewery located in Belgium. The yeast strain used in the beer still stems from the original culture of Scottish yeast that was bought by Albert Moortgat during a business tour of the U.K. just after World War I.
Style Pale Ale
Country Belgian Beers
ABV 9.50%
Serving Temp 10 to 12°C
Bottle Size 330ml

The Belgian family-owned Duvel Moortgat Brewery has been brewing classic beers since 1871. Nevertheless, the appreciation for current “hoppy” beer trends has led to the creation of the Duvel Tripel Hop series of beers. Each year showcases a different hop and the 2017 version features the citra hop.


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Product Reviews

  • A sharper version of the classic Duvel

    Review by Heffwe

    As the name suggests a hoppy brew. A sharper and more bitter tasting version of Duvel. Unlike the golden ale the flavour does not mask the strength of this beer. (Posted on 01/12/2017)

  • Belgian Hops

    Review by Martin

    Belgian Beer + Hops = Great Beer (Posted on 17/11/2017)

  • Duvet Triple Hop

    Review by Sharon

    Bought this, just to fill the case, Mike loved it so much, he’s asked me to order more! (Posted on 16/11/2017)

  • At least a 4

    Review by TonyL

    Superb. Have happy memories of Duvel (though not this one) from my long ago youth. (Posted on 15/11/2017)

  • Superb

    Review by GNPN

    Excellent beer. A level above the original Duvel. (Posted on 24/07/2017)

  • Belgium discovers hops!

    Review by MikeD

    Really crispa and hoppy. A nice twist to an old favourite. (Posted on 14/07/2017)

  • Interesting take on Duvel

    Review by Steiner

    Duvel is one of the finest golden ales there is and the Tripel Hop Vintage is a further twist from this great brewery. As the name implies there is a generous amount of hops giving a more bitter take on the classic Duvel taste. (Posted on 02/07/2017)

  • Great variation on the standard Duvel

    Review by Ryans

    More of an acquired taste than the standard Duvel with the hoppiness adding an extra dimension. Still easy to drink for a strong beer and a pleasing after taste. (Posted on 31/03/2017)

  • Hop hit!

    Review by Jae

    There's no mistaking the hop hit from this Duvel mash-up and it's an interesting idea. Personally, I think it' s a bit hit and miss (though obviously completely subjective). Drinking a glass I couldn't decide whether the addition of hops was a good or bad thing for what is already a very good beer. But that's the great thing about Belgian beers - they have such complexity that one bottle is never enough. (Posted on 06/03/2017)

  • "DUVEL!"

    Review by Thomas

    I'm afraid this review of a firm favourite has been influenced by many nights at University drinking Duvel and having a personal love of strong hoppy beers, i've been very pleased with the Triple hop, and pleased to have the other 5 beers which made up the experimental stage to decide on the right beer.
    Drink as much as this as you can, for the mainstream-ness of it, it is still the best Triple Hop belgian beer you will ever drink. Find a Duvel glass, a group of friends, cry "Duvel" and enjoy. (Posted on 08/02/2017)

  • An interesting beer.

    Review by Ale x

    Interesting after years of drinking the standard Duvel. The extra hoppiness is unmistakable and gives the beer a rich flavour that lingers on the tastebuds. Definitely one to savour at the end of a day. (Posted on 13/01/2017)

  • Wonderful

    Review by Tucker

    What can I say but wonderful . Great taste as you would expect slowly creeps up on your taste buds creating a burst of flavours overcome by the floral lavender undertones . (Posted on 07/01/2017)

  • Floral delight, with a punch

    Review by Matt

    Easily drinkable, with a hoppy taste that is expected of Belgian beers, with a lovely light floral taste, lightly of lavander. (Posted on 30/12/2016)

  • Deceptively strong

    Review by liverpoolJ

    This triple hop beer is a step up from your average beer. A refreshing, floral taste combined with a subtle sourness, Duvel triple hop ticks all the boxes. (Posted on 14/07/2016)

  • Perfect summer beer.

    Review by JLEFC

    Perfect for a summer day. Duvel Triple Hop is a sharp, refreshing beer with a distinct hoppy flavour. Fizzy, fruity and very enjoyable. (Posted on 14/07/2016)

  • An outstanding Brew

    Review by BTG

    As ever the Triple hop ticks all the boxes, 2015 brew as good as 2014, particularly nice fish and seafood, or just savory nibbles. (Posted on 08/03/2016)

  • Duvel with the dial at 11

    Review by Llamaman

    We all know and love Duvel so I gave this a try after a bottle of the standard beer to do a direct comparison.
    For me, this is actually the better beer. It's a lot more hop-forward than a usual Belgian pale, giving it much more of a floral character than 'normal' Duvel. There was a slight sourness to it as well, which I love. (Posted on 06/02/2016)

  • Duvel with the dial at 11.

    Review by Llamaman

    We all know and love Duvel so I gave this a try after a bottle of the standard beer to do a direct comparison.
    For me, this is actually the better beer. It's a lot more hop-forward than a usual Belgian pale, giving it much more of a floral character than 'normal' Duvel. There was a slight sourness to it as well, which I love. (Posted on 05/02/2016)

  • Would be great with a BBQ

    Review by Richard

    A very refreshing, full flavoured beer that is deceptively strong.

    Well recommended to accompany a BBQ on a summer\'s evening. After ordering this in December, I\'ll certainly be enjoying it again in around 5-6 months time.. or maybe much sooner :) (Posted on 20/12/2015)

  • Very nice

    Review by PB

    More fruity than the normal duvel. Very refreshing (Posted on 13/10/2015)

  • Punchy Belgian

    Review by Ay Pee Horne

    Bright, clean, refreshing, fresh, immensely hoppy ale. A masterpiece, plain and simple. (Posted on 12/09/2015)

  • amazing

    Review by Ben Cops

    This is probably my favourite beer in the world - normal Duvel is a masterpiece, this is one better (Posted on 15/06/2015)

  • A special brew !

    Review by Andy Scars

    I love this beer, deceptively strong, full flavoured and refreshing. I has a kick to it and works wonders at the end of a long hard week at work... (Posted on 16/05/2015)

  • This is not your father's Duvel ...

    Review by interzen

    An interesting spin on the 'usual' Duvel - hopped with Saaz and Golding and then dry-hopped with Mosaic, if you're expecting something along the lines of an IPA then you might be a bit disappointed.

    More of a floral, herbal twang than you'd expect, the hops are surprisingly well hidden behind a tart sweetness and a subtle alcohol burn - the vigorous fizz adds just a hint of bitterness.

    It's Duvel, Jim, but not as we know it - has quite a 'bright', clean taste with a nice lingering aftertaste. A good beer to kick back with if you've had one of 'those' days. (Posted on 28/02/2015)

  • Great Beer

    Review by MrsH

    This really is a great little beer for everyone to try. Nice clean taste. (Posted on 19/02/2015)

  • Beastly

    Review by Stuart O

    Really nice alternative to a Duvel beer. Lots of fizz but also lots of taste. Recommended. (Posted on 13/02/2015)

  • A refreshing alternative

    Review by AyBee

    This beer is a clear departure from the original Duvel we know and love but has not been over-cooked with hops as can sometimes be the case. Bright, refreshing and clean-tasting. It's lovely. (Posted on 06/01/2015)

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