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Style Pale Ale
Country Belgian Beers
ABV 8.5%
Serving Temp 10 to 12°C
Bottle Size 330ml

The flagship beer of the Duvel Moortgat brewery, Duvel is widely considered the definitive example of the Belgian Strong Pale Ale style. Duvel pours a slightly hazy straw color with a cloud-like long lasting white head. Aromas are of clove, pepper, spice, with yeast in the background. Flavours are complementary to the aromas with a firm hop bitterness, solid malt profile and alcohol warmth. A cleansing crispness makes this Strong Pale Ale almost too drinkable!

Duvel is brewed by Duvel Moortgat (founded in 1871)--a family-owned brewery located in Belgium. The yeast strain used in the beer still stems from the original culture of Scottish yeast that was bought by Albert Moortgat during a business tour of the U.K. just after World War I.

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Product Reviews

  • Duvel

    Review by Sharon

    A big hit in our house, the guys enjoyed it very much, looks like it’s going to be on the shopping list regularly (Posted on 13/01/2018)

  • Good

    Review by Ago

    Still a fantastic beer, strong vanilla, but does taste a little commercial,if you enjoy this try la chouffe (Posted on 30/11/2017)

  • Great beer!!

    Review by paradise lady

    Great beer. Awesome taste. My husband can't have enough of them. Highly recommended!! (Posted on 17/11/2017)

  • I'll come back for more

    Review by Bubofrogdog

    The taste of alcohol is almost overpowering, but this beer is great. (Posted on 14/07/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Jack

    Strong but easy to drink and leaves you wanting more. One of my favourite 'go-to' beers. Will always enjoy it. (Posted on 03/05/2017)

  • Yes!

    Review by Dougie

    One of the best beers in the world,no doubt!
    (Posted on 29/04/2017)

  • Brilliant

    Review by kidd

    I really enjoyed this one. could be in my top 10 beers if im honest, :) (Posted on 28/04/2017)

  • A stunning brew.

    Review by RobKirbyso.com

    I first encountered Duvel at a beer festival in the late 1980's in Leeds. It was just on a different planet to all the TV advertised swill we used to drink in the local pubs. Huge depth of flavour and hugely satisfying. It is quite strong at 8.5 abv, so I recommend only imbibing five pints at any one time. (Posted on 21/04/2017)

  • Delicious

    Review by Kram

    Delicious beer that is very easy to drink considering the ABV. Would definitely recommend! (Posted on 17/03/2017)

  • Brillant Beer

    Review by Adam

    I had this the other day and iit is a really tasty beer - I was expecting the alcohol strength to over take the beer taste. but is does not - its really nice to drink. (Posted on 14/02/2017)

  • Holiday

    Review by Elsie

    Drank this while in Belgium, it's a lovely beer and served in ice cold class xxx (Posted on 11/01/2017)

  • No surprises

    Review by Llamaman

    It's Duvel - it's not a rare beer so you know what you're getting. It's a quality beer, very smooth and hides it's ABV well. (Posted on 05/02/2016)

  • not all that great

    Review by Seb

    It's good, but incredibly fizzy and not very complex. Hides it's strength well (Posted on 25/11/2015)

  • Top draw!!!

    Review by Mordeci

    Fantastic tasting beer, be sure to try this if you ever come across it. (Posted on 13/10/2015)

  • Sharp and strong

    Review by Ryans

    Deceptively sharp tasting with all the characteristics you expect of a great Belgian pale ale. Light and refreshing but full of distinct flavour. (Posted on 12/09/2015)


    Review by Johnny

    I really love this beer! its perfect! After 3 of these you'll be very happy and wanting to order more! (Posted on 08/05/2015)

  • Class...

    Review by Ady Gray

    It's Duvel. Nothing much more needs to be said. It will never disappoint... (Posted on 16/03/2015)

  • Superb

    Review by dodge

    A must for a beer drinker. Try it and you will not be disappointed and will be back for more (Posted on 08/03/2015)

  • Strong but clean and crisp

    Review by Stephen

    This is another potential for the last drink of the evening but has as much get up and go about it as its ability to lay you down! Crisp and zesty - a mature ale that's worth trying out. (Posted on 13/02/2015)

  • Devil brew!

    Review by Pinchy

    This is a great, clean, fresh Belgian beer. Very heady aroma that's zesty and a bit floral. A certain sharpness on the tongue but in a good way. Best enjoyed in a Duvel glass too. (Posted on 21/01/2015)

  • A good buy!

    Review by MegaHops

    Duvel is another prime example of a Belgian beer! Duvel Mortgart is a brewery that has been in existence for centuries brewing joy for the Belgian locals. At around 7% abv it is somewhat more alcoholic than your average beer with great taste. A good buy! (Posted on 25/11/2014)

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