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Durham Bombay 106

Style IPA
Country British Beers
ABV 7%
Serving Temp 10 °C
Bottle Size 500ml
Isn't it odd that so many beers are named after military things? Anyway, here's another one...Named after the 106th Brigade of the East India Trading Company which then became the Durham Light Infantry. Brewed with pale Maris Otter malts, English Goldings and a peppery finish. Durham brewery suggest it's a perfect match with Steak &Chips but there's a large amount of sediment too, so beware!
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Product Reviews
  1. Nice for some
    Review by Alex

    If you're a fan of old style English IPAs then this is for you. Strong, spicy flavour. Hops lack fruitiness. (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  2. Real IPA
    Review by AdyG

    An IPA traditionally had a high ABV and, though some shun this nowadays, this beauty carries on that style well. Packed with flavour and a punch (Posted on 15/12/2016)

  3. Proper Good
    Review by Beer Claus

    A good malty and good, well hopped IPA. There are none of those citric hops either. (Posted on 11/12/2016)

  4. Great body and hop balance (not citric)
    Review by Traditional IPA

    This is a proper IPA and with great body. Cannot fault it. (Posted on 06/12/2016)

  5. Nice IPA
    Review by Beerman

    Not overly bitter, refreshing. Certainly an IPA to try (Posted on 17/05/2016)

  6. Not a fan
    Review by Ole

    Not as hoppy as expected, typical English ipa. (Posted on 29/03/2016)

  7. A great IPA
    Review by BeerBaron

    This beer is a cracking IPA, and like most of the Durham brewery beers, worth trying and buying again. Not too bitter, fizzy or dry - a nice accompaniment to a meal. (Posted on 22/03/2016)

  8. Chaaaaaaarrrrgggggeeeeeee!
    Review by Llamaman

    Aah, another military-named IPA, inspiring (for reasons I can't quite explain) memories of playing Risk.
    A pretty full-blooded IPA, but refreshingly in the British style so the malt puts up a bit of a fight against the hops.
    A triple six. Eat that, Kamchatka! (Posted on 13/02/2016)

  9. Good IPA
    Review by Chunks

    Good flavour nice hoppy nice bit of sediment at the bottom
    well worth a second bottle (Posted on 24/12/2015)

  10. local brew
    Review by janciegirl

    coming from the area needed to see what it was all about - wasn't disappointed (Posted on 13/11/2015)

  11. British Brilliance
    Review by Ay Pee Horne

    Very lively, floral, hoppy IPA with a lovely bitter finish. Proper old school British in its style. (Posted on 09/11/2015)

  12. Lovely IPA
    Review by Wardywolf

    I'm a big fan of IPA style beers and this ranks up with the best of them. It was a pity I had to leave a bit at the bottom of the glass as I didn't watch out for the sediment. (Posted on 15/04/2015)

  13. Not your average IPA
    Review by Slapbang

    Good strong earthiness with a nice bitter and refreshing feel. Malty, mild citrus with subtle spicy and fruity notes. (Posted on 04/04/2015)

  14. Very aromatic
    Review by I don't have one

    A little too flowery for my taste but very good all the same. (Posted on 25/02/2015)

  15. Durham Heavy Infantry
    Review by Jack Swans

    The best beer of the weekend. It's IPA but it is also more fragrant and slightly sweeter than I am used to in the style. Delicious marmalade aromas and flavours. The bitterness is more subtle than your American new wave stuff. Really good I would buyout again. (Posted on 02/02/2015)

  16. Fabulously hoppy
    Review by Pinchy

    Good good good hoppiness. A grand IPA this one, very flavoursome and not too dry to finish. (Posted on 26/01/2015)

  17. Fabulous hops
    Review by Pinchy

    Good good good hoppiness. A grand IPA this one, very flavoursome and not too dry to finish. (Posted on 17/01/2015)

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