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Durham Black Bishop

Durham Black Bishop

Country British Beers
ABV 4.2%
Serving Temp 8 °C
Bottle Size 500ml

The Durham Black Bishop stout is intense in flavour but not in body or strength making it an entirely quaffable and interesting beer. The Black Bishop has flavours and aromas of a roasty coffee, peat, and a sweet chocolate and caramel; smokey notes are definitely at the forefront. Our director, Mark, likes this beer so much he necked half the bottle before the rest of us had a chance to try some. Thanks for sharing!

Multi-award winning, bottle-conditioned legends. Family owned and brewing from a 10 barrel plant, Durham makes a staggering range of superb brews, from low-ABV pale ales right through to knock-you-round-the-back-of-the-head supercharged stouts. They've casually tossed aside the temptation to brew in bulk instead focussing on brewing to an exquisite standard.

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Product Reviews
  1. So-so
    Review by AdyG

    Not the best in their range but Durham have still come up with a drinkable stout. I'd prefer a bit more ABV though (Posted on 30/07/2017)

  2. tradition
    Review by harry

    Nice traditional dark ale. Loads of depth and body without any over the top hippy or chocolate flavours. Really tasty (Posted on 26/07/2017)

  3. Very good
    Review by Del

    I could drink this all day, very quaffable, nice flavour but nothing over the top that would make it too rich, just very very nice (Posted on 13/07/2017)

  4. Good solid stout
    Review by Tommy

    Good solid traditional stout, good rich flavour and easy drinking, lovely stuff (Posted on 28/06/2017)

  5. Session Stout
    Review by Phil

    Rich and full bodied but can definitely drink a few at once. Very nice indeed. (Posted on 28/06/2017)

  6. Good classic stout flavour
    Review by Foxy

    As a stout should be, deep in flavour, coffee and cocoa flavours, not too strong to make it in palatable though (Posted on 06/06/2017)

  7. run o' the mill
    Review by Snapey

    For me I thought this was pretty entry level craft stout, much more subtle on the coffee, chocolate & dried fruit of other stouts sold here, the lightness was also lifted by the mild carbonation, being lighter made it easier to drink than it's stronger/heavier counterparts. (Posted on 21/01/2017)

  8. Sturdy Stout
    Review by Pad Wan

    Nice stout with everything you would expect. Decent head on it, some heavier flavours including chocolate and coffee. Good brewery- would recommend (Posted on 17/01/2017)

  9. Rather very good
    Review by Good Head

    Black in colour with a substantial head. Really good strong flavour though could have done with being a bit thicker. (Posted on 11/12/2016)

  10. Excellent stout
    Review by Uncruliar

    As a bottle conditioned beer my Black Bishop was rather lively on opening, but this just gave it a good head which it retained well. Despite it's initial liveliness the beer was not over carbonated and had a good smooth texture all the way down the glass. It was full of classic stout flavours of coffee and chocolate. All in all this is a great beer which I am very likely to drink again. (Posted on 13/11/2016)

  11. Classic
    Review by Paul

    coffee, caramel, roasted malt, sweet chocolate, easy to drink and low AVB but still has plenty of death. Worth trying (Posted on 07/10/2016)

  12. Outstanding
    Review by Ninja Terrier

    Being a big fan of Durham Brewery I find it hard to find fault with this excellent Stout. For a low ABV it packs a big punch way above its weight with an abundance of Coffee and Chocolate flavours from the first sip. Well done guys keep up the good work. (Posted on 11/09/2016)

  13. A very good beer.
    Review by BJ 53

    Very tasty for the strength and another good Durham beer. All the flavours that ought to be there are present and a nice beer for anyone trying out a stout to start with. (Posted on 15/01/2016)

  14. Very drinkable
    Review by Ian

    Very drinkable. Surprisingly light, with a smooth coffee taste. (Posted on 05/01/2016)

  15. Very nice stout
    Review by Dr. Ned

    The aroma of this stout surprised me. There was a nice touch of hoppiness to it. Which dissapeared as the coffee, chocolate and ever so slight smoke flavors came forwrd. Very drinkable, almost too much so. Will be ordering again. (Posted on 12/10/2015)

  16. Back to black...
    Review by Ady Gray

    Drinkable because of it's low ABV but it's still packed with flavour... (Posted on 23/08/2015)

  17. Can't bash this bishop
    Review by Llamaman

    The bottle warns of potential 'liveliness'. Mine was well behaved and no beer was lost.

    It pours a malevolent black, with a thick persistent beige head. Nose has strong coffee notes, with a hint of treacle/molasses. Very appealing.

    Mouthfeel is a little thin compared to some other stouts, almost feeling more like a mild than a stout. Very dry, with strong roasted malt character (as you'd expect from the colour), with more hints of coffee and a slight smokiness that's particularly prevalent in the tail.

    Overall, an excellent stout, and at 4.1% very approachable. Although it is quite heady so not sure I'd want two back-to-back. (Posted on 11/08/2015)

  18. Doesn't matter if it's black or white ...
    Review by interzen

    Good, classic dry English stout - has the typical stout look but tops that off with a lovely, smoky flavour full of chocolates, coffee and just a hint of ash.

    Not too heavy, either, and even though it's 'only' 4.1% it's still a rewarding pint (or two, or even three) and a nice contrast to the heavier, slightly 'thicker' White Stout.

    For a nice contrast, try Durham's White Stout and Black Bishop in the same sitting. Top notch brew from one of my favourite North-East breweries. (Posted on 21/02/2015)

  19. After white came black
    Review by Jack Swans

    After trying Durham's White Stout, I gave their more conventional effort a go. Very nice job. The classic roasted aromas and flavours. Decent body but possibly altitude on the light side. Overall a successful return to the dark side. (Posted on 03/02/2015)

  20. Decent Little Stout
    Review by Ay Pee Horne

    Very interesting wee beer. Roasted malt, coffee and cinder toffee notes. Would have preferred the body to be a little thicker, but it's a very good effort. (Posted on 21/01/2015)

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