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The Draft Brewer Flex Keg System is the perfect way to serve your homebrew. It’s a really flexible system that allows you to serve your beer from small areas thanks to the swivel-connection tap lines. Whether it’s your garage bar, brew cave or in the kitchen, nowhere is too small to enjoy your beer on tap. This system takes all the guesswork out of perfect carbonation. The carbonation can be adjusted as you pour, even if the two beers need different serving pressure thanks to the durable CO2PO Double Body CO2 Regulator. The pressure knobs are easily adjustable by hand, and there’s an easy to read pressure gauge. You don’t even need to force carbonate one of the kegs if you don’t need to. The carbonation takes one or two days, meaning you can enjoy your beer much earlier than bottle-conditioning the beer. It’s also really easy to clean, with just a spray of sanitiser before you can add your next brew. They are really easy to disassemble for cleaning and all the seals are replaceable. If two kegs isn’t enough, the system is easy to expand with more kegs and a gas distributor. A good use is to build them into a keezer or kegerator (see here for a guide).

Includes everything but the CO2 tank


● Two Draft Brewer 5 US Gallon (18.9 Litre) Kegs
● CO2PO Double Body CO2 Regulator
● Machined brass adapter piece converting from American CGA 320 to British Standard 341 thread
● Two completely assembled gas lines and nylon washers for tight seals
● Two completely assembled draft lines for pouring beer (see here for how to deal with excessive foam when pouring)

Draft Brewer Kegging Overview

The ultimate home kegging setup: dispense two different beers at different carbonation levels, or serve one while force-carbing another.


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