Brewery in a Box Deluxe Starter Kit

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This kit allows you to start your very own mini brewery at home. It is designed to be foolproof and fun, plus the instructions have been honed for more than 20 years making it one of the most trusted anywhere. A fantastic first homebrew is pretty much guaranteed.

The kit includes:

• Chinook IPA Extract Recipe Kit
• 6 gallon (27 litre) glass carboy (primary fermenter), bung and airlock 
• 5 gallon (23 litre) glass carboy (secondary fermenter), bung and airlock 
• Blowoff hose, funnel and fermagraf° stick-on thermometer
• Siphon and tubing
• Bottling bucket and spigot
• Bottle filler and tubing
• Bottle capper and caps
• Carboy brush and bottle cleaning brush
• Brewery cleaner and carboy dryer

The kit inventory in the box mentions an instructional DVD. Due to region differences the DVD is not included in the UK, but you can watch the videos embedded on this product page below.

You will also need a large pot with a capacity of 16 to 20 litres.

The Brewery in a Box Deluxe Starter Kit includes two large glass bottles known as carboys for a two-stage fermentation. You also get a comprehensive, easy-to-use step-by-step guide to homebrewing. Once you’ve got the bug for homebrewing (and you will), this equipment allows you to make a huge range of beer styles.

Now for the best bit! Each starter kit comes with a Chinook IPA recipe kit. Who doesn’t want to brew an IPA?

We also highly recommend using a hydrometer to keep an eye on fermentation and know your final ABV.

For brewing instructions click here.
To read about the Deluxe Kit’s content, click here.



We’re confident that this is kit is the best way to start homebrewing. It has been honed over 20 years in the US and now it is here in the UK. Also included is the Chinook IPA extract recipe kit. This ‘brewery-in-a-box’ is an essential starter's kit.


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