Cooler Mash/Lauter Tun - 7 US Gallons (26.5L)

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The newly redesigned 9" (23cm) stainless steel Titan universal false bottom transforms this insulated cooler into a mash tun capable of brewing up to 7 US Gallon (26.5L) batches, and promotes clear wort with half the dead space of traditional domed false bottoms. A silicone-reinforced valve port with bronze ball valve means a leak-free lauter as you transfer your wort to the kettle. Foldable handles and a narrow body means a small footprint and easy storage.

Kit includes:

  • Fermenter’s Favorites Cooler
  • 9" (23cm) Titan False Bottom
  • Bronze ball valve cooler kit with barbed hose fittings
  • Thermoplastic tubing 3/8” ID
  • Hi-temp clear vinyl tubing 3/8” ID
  • Teflon tape
Outer dimensions: 35.5cm diameter, 49.5cm height

Click here for mash tun instructions, or here for instructions on assembling the false bottom.

This is the latest iteration of Northern Brewer's mash and lauter tun, a very affordable piece of kit for brewing all-grain batches of up to 7 US gallons (26.5L). Consisting of a stainless steel false bottom inside a lidded, insulated cooler with a bronze ball valve and thermoplastic tubing, this vessel enables a perfect sparge and high efficiency.


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