Cold Crank Small Immersion Chiller

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Made from 4 metres of coiled copper pipe - the same material used for the big-ticket immersion chillers - the affordable Cold Crank will give you a great return on investment. Rapidly cooled wort means longer shelf life, less or no chill haze, and perhaps most importantly a minimised window during which unwanted bugs can infect your brew. Its smaller size means it's best suited to cooling smaller batches of wort, such as 1 US Gallon (3.8L) recipes.


• Coil: 22cm tall, 12cm wide, 5cm deep
• Top to bottom: 55cm

Cooling your wort rapidly is a sure-fire way to boost the quality of your brew, and the Cold Crank is an effective, compact solution that is best suited to smaller batches - ideal for 1 Gallon (3.8L) brews.


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