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Beer Hawk was founded in 2012 by Mark Roberts and Chris France in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

It was just a two-person operation before Mark and Chris recruited their first employee in 2013. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength – building a successful business that’s still driven by our four core values of being down to earth, getting on with it, always making it better and, most importantly, giving a shit.

We now have over 150 employees, split between our Head Office and Warehouse teams. COVID accelerated a key change that we’d already set in motion, and we went from everyone being site based to a flexible working model that enables our Head Office teams to be based at home, on site, or a mixture of the two.

Whilst the majority of our team members are based in Yorkshire, we do have team members working across the UK and France. For those wanting or needing to be onsite, our office locations are: Leeds, Gloucestershire (BeerBods) and London (ZX). Our Warehouse location is: Leeds.
At Beer Hawk we’re committed to growing talent, and we enable our people to grow and develop at the rate that’s right for them. We also reward and recognise our people for their contribution to the success of the business.
In terms of benefits, a couple of our big ones are 24 days annual leave + Bank Holidays, additional Wellbeing days throughout the year, a generous pension scheme, and discounted (and sometimes free) beer!
At Beer Hawk, we live our values every day. When recruiting, we want to make sure we share a true picture of what life is like here at Beer Hawk and what you can expect. We also take time to get to know you as an individual, to make sure you’ll be a great fit with our culture. You can read more about our values on the About Us page.
We’re a team of people who genuinely care about the business and each other. We like to have fun and celebrate our success together, whether that’s holding parties or simply having a beer together. We don’t make decision making hard or bureaucratic – we actively encourage the closest to the problem to make decisions and test new ideas. We’re hands on and we help each other out.

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d love to work, and you feel that you’d be a great culture fit, please get in touch or apply for one of the open vacancies we have below!

Operations (Warehouse & Logistics)
Without our warehouse, there would be no Beer Hawk. This team is responsible for the full Beer Hawk warehouse from goods in all the way to ensuring that all our customers receive their orders (despatch), including B2B, B2C and PerfectDraft customers. The warehouse is based in Leeds, Yorkshire.
Operations Manager
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Operations Coordinator
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Senior Warehouse Manager
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TL3 Manager
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The most creative team within Beer Hawk, our Marketing team includes our design team. Together, all marketing campaigns, social media and imagery comes from this team. Creative, dynamic and always looking to make an impact.
CEM Executive
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Marketing Manager
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Our Tech team works dynamically, looking after all elements of Tech within Beer Hawk – they are fast paced and very committed and pride themselves on continuous improvements to all things Tech related at Beer Hawk and in their own development!
Back End Developer
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Maintenance Manager
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Business to Consumer – bottles and cans going directly to customers is the focus for this team. Looking at ways to innovate and ensure our customers get the best possible products from Mixed Mega-packs to Craft Cases. The team are always looking for opportunities to develop Beer Hawk offerings based on customer feedback and are always passionate about our Beers!
Product Owner
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Life at Beer Hawk would be very difficult without our Supply team sourcing all our products and ensuring they make it safely into our warehouse! Looking at both Supply and Demand Planning, this team also includes our Buying team – to make sure our customers have access to the best beers possible.
Inventory DP Manager
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Business to Business – this team work closely to supply other key businesses with our products, working with both Beer Hawk supply chains and customer supply chains to get stock where it’s needed. B2B also look after our Beer Hawk Gifting range. The team may be small, but they are mighty in what they achieve!
No Current Vacancies
Customer Services
Our Customer Services team are our key link between our Customers and the Beer Hawk operation. Dedicated and hardworking, this team is passionate about customers having the best experience possible and resolving queries in the right, proactive manner.
No Current Vacancies
The ultimate in-home beer experience! This team focus on PerfectDraft – including the Machine, the Kegs, Accessories and the Keg return cycle. Working closely with the Global PerfectDraft team, this team is committed to the ultimate customer experience and seeking the next great keg!
No Current Vacancies
People Team
Looking after all things People related at Beer Hawk, across the employee lifecycle. If you join Beer Hawk, the People team are likely to be one of your first contact points and will stay close to you throughout your journey at Beer Hawk.
No Current Vacancies
Cross-company Roles
At Beer Hawk we work very closely with our sister companies: Interdrinks and PerfectDraft. We work together where possible to learn and grow from each other. Given this, we do sometimes have roles that work with multiple businesses and have a European wide focus.
No Current Vacancies

Our Values

We are Down To Earth

We Always Make It Better

We Get On With It

We Give A Shit

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If you have any further questions about a role or working at Beer Hawk, please contact us by emailing our People Team using
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