Scottish Beers

Despite its population of only 5.2 million, Scotland’s influence in the world of literature, science, philosophy and, indeed, brewing, has been disproportionately high. One only needs to look at the dizzying expansion of BrewDog for an example. They now export to 55 countries, have 44 bars, have opened a brewery in the US and now, set their sights on Australia. BrewDog aside, the rest of the modern Scottish beer scene is also wildly inventive. Fyne Ales based in a beautiful spot near Loch Lomond make outstanding beer, carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

Williams Bros Brewery, in Alloa similarly make a great range of delicious beers, but also a series of historical Scottish ales such as Kelpie that is made with seaweed and Fraoch that is made with heather, a common addition before hops. With a long brewing heritage in Scotland, the fact that Scottish beers are among the best quality in the world, the unicorn is perhaps a befitting national animal.

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