Cantillon Brewery

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cantillon-logoOne of our very favourite brewers, Cantillon specialise in making 100% organic Lambics and Gueuzes - both fabulous types of sour beer, Gueuze being a blend of young (around 6 months) and old (stored for 2 to 3 years) Lambic. 

Cantillon are rather specialist in that they use wholly organic grains and the brewing process is completely eco-friendly, relying on natural flora and fauna to regulate the brewing process. Due to the nature of, well, nature, each batch of Gueuze they produce is slightly different - it’s impossible to make them all the same. Perhaps because of this ever-changing brew, Cantillon beers are quite tricky to get hold of in the UK, being both oversubscribed and only available at certain times of the year. We have an excellent supply however - so good in fact that other brewers have been known to buy from us in the past in order to steal the secrets of Cantillon’s yeast!