Brown and Amber Ale

From the colour of a tasty chocolate syrup to a sparkling dark amber, brown and amber ales are as delicious as they look. The English versions of amber, mild and brown ales tend to present themselves with a delicious malty subtlety whereas the American styles are more balanced and even somewhat hoppy.

Amber and mild ales from the likes of Rogue, Brewdog, or Fordham are known for their drinkability and are fantastic partners for a wide range of food; they're essentially bigger session ales. On the other hand, brown ales run the gamut from nutty and malty to clean and moderately hoppy--Thornbridge and Brooklyn each have a delicious example of the style.

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4721 Reviews
The Perfect Draft system is just that. I ordered this system with two 6Ltr kegs, once chilled the beer is exceptional from the machine. Everyone that has been round and seen it in operation has been really impressed. It states that the kegs will remain fresh for 30 days, the longest we had one last was 3 days, there is no way a keg will ever last this long as it impossible to stop drinking it once you start.
The service I received from Beer Hawk was excellent. I would thoroughly recommend them as a quality supplier.
Wide selection of beers from around the World. Bought a few of my favourites for my Uncle's birthday through Beer Hawk. I'm happy with the quick delivery! Managed to surprise him! Yay.