BrewDog Nanny State (Alcohol Free)

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Beer BrewDog is widely known for their strongest beers, and Nanny State was brewed in response to (silly) complaints in the media that their high ABV beers encouraged irresponsible drinking. Low alcohol beers are improving in both quality and variety, from pilsner to wheat beer, but this 0.5% ABV offering will appeal to lovers of BrewDog's characteristic style, using Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. With a light, bitter body and flavours of citrus and pine, Nanny State is a refreshing low alcohol option.

Brewery Info

With a no-holds-barred approach to business and beer, BrewDog brews with no constraints and are constantly innovating to release amazing beer to the UK—and the world—from their brewery in Scotland. Despite their punk-like anti-establishment image, BrewDog is famed for supporting the craft beer industry by investing in great small breweries, featuring fine beers in their bars and providing training for every single one of their employees to a high-standard of beery knowledge.
It’s not all philanthropy though (although there’s a good bit of that) it’s the best way they know how to take down “the man” of mass-produced beer, one bold move at a time.


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Not bad at all...
Review by
I actually really liked this. One of the better tasting low alcohol beers for sure.
Best in Class
Review by
Look, no non-alcoholic beer is ever going to taste like real beer, BUT... this one is better than all the others. In my experience, all non-alcoholic beers taste the same, and bit like a malt drink. Nanny State is as close as I have found to a beer taste.

On my first taste of it, I thought it tasted a bit soapy, and it doesn't have the aftertaste of real beer. But since I had bought a 4-pack, I stuck with it and the taste grew on me. Now it's actually my drink of choice most evenings. I can have a "beer" or two with dinner and I'm still as sharp as a tack in the morning.

Deeply unpleasant
Review by
Tastes like emulsion paint. Every other alcohol free beer I've tasted is better than this.

Avoid at all costs.
Best Low alcohol beer by far
Review by
I really like this beer. I often crack one or two of these during the week when I feel like a beer but also feel a night off might do me good :-) I am surprised some people actively dislike it, but as another reviewer said, if you like American IPAs, you'll love it. I want every pub to stock this for when I am driving, but I want to pay less per pint than for normal beer, given there's no duty on it.
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