BrewDog Indie Pale

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Pale Ale
Bottle Size
Serving Temp
4 to 6 °C
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A new BrewDog beer always gets beer lovers interested, but an addition to the core range, the Headliners, even more so. The blurb says it’s ‘designed to be accessible’ and it is, very. Many of the hops, the copious amounts of big hitters that define many BrewDog beers, have been left in the cold storage. Instead, they’ve squeezed some subtle tropical notes out of the hops and played more with the malt that adds a fine balance. A bit of wheat adds depth. This is a beer for the beginning of the evening, one to have in the fridge, one that you can throw into the coolbox for a barbecue safe in the knowledge that everyone will quite happily knock it back.

Brewery Info

With a no-holds-barred approach to business and beer, BrewDog brews with no constraints and are constantly innovating to release amazing beer to the UK—and the world—from their brewery in Scotland. Despite their punk-like anti-establishment image, BrewDog is famed for supporting the craft beer industry by investing in great small breweries, featuring fine beers in their bars and providing training for every single one of their employees to a high-standard of beery knowledge.
It’s not all philanthropy though (although there’s a good bit of that) it’s the best way they know how to take down “the man” of mass-produced beer, one bold move at a time.


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