Best new beers of the week

Amazing new beers from Brewski, the highly-rated Alphabet, BrewDog and some continental beauties


Brewski / 50 States of Freedom / 4%

This Swedish micro brewery has been producing some innovative beers. 50 States of Freedom is a tart, salty, lime bomb that tastes a bit like a fresh margarita. The lime is prevalent on the nose but the tartness is hidden well and nearly imperceptible until it hits your tongue. When it does make it to your mouth, it’s tart enough to make you pull a bit of a face. White lacey head and a straw colour make this appealing and bright beer a perfect drink for a warm summer’s day. Also a great complement to taco night!

BrewDog / Pump Action Poet / 7.5%
Scottish, anti-establishment, craft beer pioneers produce another juicy IPA. This beer smells quintessentially 'BrewDog' with the aroma of southern hemisphere hops (Passion fruit and Pineapple) and Stone fruit juice (peaches, plums, nectarines). Mouthfeel and body are good and the beer has a strong fruity flavour mainly of peaches and nectarines. The finish is subtle and short but hints at the stone fruits used in the brew.

Hertog Jan / Dubbel / 7.3%

Founded in 1915 Hertog Jan is a relatively young brewery for the Netherlands. This brewery still shows the wounds of war with bullet holes from allied troops (firing on the Nazis who occupied the brewery as it was chosen as an HQ). This dark brown beer has an off-white head and smells of dried fruits and vanilla. The candi sugar used to colour the beer and add alcohol really comes through in the flavour and aroma. Mouthfeel is appropriately thin and the beer has a really pleasant caramel flavour with hints of vanilla. There is a phenolic spiciness from the yeast in the quick dry finish.

Gulden / Draak / 10.5%

Dating back to 1784, this Flanders brewery was kept in the family, and a good family it was. One of the owners was a professor of microbiology at the Ghent Brewing school so he knew a bit about beer and how it worked. This light brown beer has an off-white head. Typical yeast aromas from the Belgian yeast strain are strong on the nose. Mouthfeel is slightly lighter than expected but the flavour is bold and well balanced., Banana, clove, and Christmas pudding are the main flavours. The finish is surprisingly sweet given its 10.5% alcohol content. The beer has a vanilla and dried fruits finish.