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04th Jan 2018 | Beer Guides

The best alcohol-free beers

Dry January? Alcohol-free beers are no longer tasteless as these amazing examples demonstrate

Low alcohol and alcohol-free beer has a long reputation for not having much flavour, but times have changed, and these days you can get your hands on a variety of enjoyable alcohol-free beers (less than 0.05% alcohol). Our pick includes a German classic, a pale ale from a cutting-edge new brewery and Nanny State from BrewDog.

Big Drop / Stout / 0.05%

Big Drop Brewing Co is a brewery that is dedicated to producing exceptional beers that are less than 0.5% ABV beer. There’s a definite market for it (low alcohol beers are some of our best selling ones at Beer Hawk), and they are getting better all the time. This stout, however, marks a new stage in complex, interesting and characterful low alcohol beers. The difference from many other low alcohol beers? It has soul.


Big Drop / Pale Ale / 0.5%

Big Drop is a new brewery that specialises in low alcohol beers with the tagline: To drink. Not to be drunk. We’re hugely impressed with this pale ale.


Erdinger / Alcohol-Free / 0.5%

Erdinger is a classic Bavarian wheatbeer brewery, and they’ve managed to bring all those characteristics – banana, clove – into this low alcohol version.


BrewDog / Nanny State / 0.5%

Trust BrewDog to make a brilliant, super hoppy low alcohol beer. This beer has a depth and complexity often lost in low-alcohol beers.


Alcohol-free beer mixed case

Each case includes:

2 x Erdinger Alcohol-free

2 x Brewdog Nanny State

2 x Maisels Alcohol-free

2 x Schneider Alcohol-free

2 x Veltins Alcohol-free

2 x Jever fun

2 x Big Drop Stout

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