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02nd Feb 2018 | Homebrew

Do you need a hot liquor tank?

Why a hot liquor tank will make your brewday go quicker

There are several methods for heating water depending on your set up. Our chosen method is to use a hot liquor tank (HLT). This is an essential part of a large scale brewery, but it is optional when homebrewing. This separate insulated vessel is useful for several reasons.

The HLT is used in the first instance just before mashing. Once the water for the mash is heated to the right temperature, it is then decanted into the HLT. The water from the HLT is then used during the mash. By moving the water from the kettle to the HLT, you can then immediately fill up the kettle and heat it up for the sparge water. Without an HLT you'll find yourself waiting for the sparge water once you've freed it up. We've also found the HLT much easier to physically move around if you need that a scolding hot kettle. It keeps the heat brilliantly.

One of most useful feature is that it allows careful control over your sparging rates – essential for hitting the right OG. The Fermenter’s Favorites Hot Liquor Tank includes a silicone-reinforced valve port for eliminate leaks, a brass ball valve, high temperature tubing and siphon sprayer, all of which add up to an accurate flow control and optimal sparge rates for all batches.  

Brewmasters at America’s Northern Brewer have tested the heat retention to ensure it will stay at your ideal temperature.

See our hot liqour tanks here

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