1. A Touch of Prost is here!

    A Touch of Prost is here!

    A Touch of Prost is our exclusive Oktoberfest collaboration with Tempest Brew Co, one of the country's best new breweries. Pick it up now!

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  2. Handy beer review generator


    Hoppy! Grapefruity! Malty! Beery! Want to write a beer review? Here's our handy beer review generator, plus a few suggested words

    Writing beer reviews is not an easy thing (generally) and it’s usually not enough to say ‘hoppy’ or ‘very hoppy’. We try to convey a sense of flavour, a context, a narrative, usually in very few words. But it’s also a chance to show a bit of lyrical gymnastics too. But recognising that it can go a little too far sometimes, here’s our own handy template. Cheek. Tongue. In.

    The latest beer from __________ is a __________ example of a __________. On the nose the__________ flavours pop out like a __________ with a __________.

    Gulping down the __________ coloured brew, I’m reminded of __________, with a touch of __________ that may have seen the inside of a __________ barrel. The flavour rises up __________ like a __________ with a

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  3. Five best new beers this week

    Five best new beers this week

    The first in a new series, we look at the best new beers this week, and we've some real treats from Magic Rock, Left Hand, Thornbridge and Green Flash

    Thornbridge / Crackendale / 5.2%
    Aren’t hops amazing? The addition of a single variety, in this case Citra, can lift a beer to dizzying heights. Yet it takes a skilled brewer to squeeze every last drop of flavour out of each one. Thornbridge’s Rob Lovatt has given this beer a whacking tropical aroma, with guava and ripe citrus coming through. We love it.

    Left Hand / Extrovert IPA / 7.5%
    Left Hand Brewing Co is very well known for its Nitro Milk Stout, because, well, it’s an amazing example. It also pioneered the use of ‘Nitro’

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  4. Yorkshire beers - 8 of the best from God's Own Country

    To celebrate Yorkshire Day, Beer Hawk takes a look at the best of the Yorkshire beers currently flying out of our (Yorkshire) warehouse

    Judging by the headlines out there already today, it seems impossible to escape puns based on Yorkshire dialect for 2016’s Yorkshire Day. So we’ll to resist the clichés, and focus in on what we know best: beer. So pull down your flat cap and get tha sen (damn it!) some Yorkshire beers.


    Magic Rock / Salty Kiss / 4.1%

    Not only one of the best breweries in Yorkshire, but one of the best in the country (world?). This Huddersfield-based brewery turns out some remarkable beers – if you want to know just how far the beer movement has come in the last few years, our choice of their beers, Gooseberry Gose, is in their core canned range!

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  5. Thornbridge x Brooklyn collaboration Serpent launched

    On a warm evening in May we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Serpent, a stunning ‘alliance’ between Brooklyn Brewery and Thornbridge. Daniel Neilson recounts the story

    On a warm evening in May, behind a small, inauspicious door, was a fairytale world of beer. A magical labyrinth of rooms filled with weird, the wonderful and the downright bizarre. In one room, Brooklyn Brewery’s head chef Andrew Gerson served a salmon dish… directly on to my hand. I licked it off and took a swig of Sorachi Ace. Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Garrett Oliver did the same. In another room, The Graveltones were knocking their frenetic rock to a bouncing room of fans. There was a photo booth, secret talks in secret rooms, games, a pizza pa

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  6. Ten Reasons to Love Rooster's Brewing Co.

    A few days ago our friends at Rooster's Brewing Co. opened up their doors to the masses so we could go take a peek at how they do things. Always ready to party, I cleared my diary and made a day out of the 2016 Rooster's Open Day filled with games, food and, of course, beer.

    It was during the Open Day where I had a thought: I really like these guys and their beer. And I should probably tell people why I think they're so great.

    It's part of my new thing: if you've got something nice to say to somebody, make sure you say it! So here we are.

    Ten Reasons Why I Love Rooster's Brewing Co.

    1.) Their beer is great. Very clean, very drinkable and very good. Cask, keg, bottle or can: a definite go-to.

    2.) Consistent as hell. Rooster's is one of those breweries that is easy to pick out of a crowd and you always know that you'll get the same thing.

    3.) They're down-to-earth.

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  7. Time Will Run Out on Brewdog Born to Die

    Born to Die Has Just Found New Life.

    We all know that the Brewdog Born to Die was made just to, well, die. Released just today, the clock on this terminally fresh Imperial IPA has already started. But this is not a time for mourning--it's a time for some serious imbibing. So get to it!

    What makes this beer so special is not that it's just another fabulously hoppy creation from Brewdog, rather it's been specially brewed to extract every. single. ounce. of precious hop oils. It's these oils that are responsible for the hop blast in your mouth and the intensely bitter finish. Unfortunately these same oils are a sensitive little bunch and are prone to breaking down long before we're ready to say goodbye.

    Drink Born to Die Now. No Really. Now.

    In order to best experience all the best from the massive amount of Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops in the
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  8. Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) 2016

    Every March, in the midst of winter's (theoretical) last stand, a much-longed-for event occurs: the annual release of Founders Brewing Co.'s Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Or, Founders KBS for short.

    What started as an experiment in Kentucky Bourbon barrels has evolved into one of the most anticipated releases on the beery calendar. With a perfect 100 on RateBeer and being considered one of the highest-rated beers in existence it's no surprise that it's highly coveted. It's truly worthy of its celebration even if camping outside in the Michigan cold just to be one of the first to get it may be a bit much.

    A beer as fine as this is not achieved without special care. The makers add two kinds of Belgian chocolate and two locally-roasted coffees to even further enhance the chocolate and coffee notes. Oats are added to the malt-bill for a creamy, viscous mouthfeel. But it's the pièce de résistance, the final step, the grand f

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  9. Free Printable Beer Tasting Notes Sheet

    We try a lot of beers here at Beer Hawk, and we know you do too, so to help you remember which you like best we've made a FREE printable available of our in-house beer tasting note card. It has space for important beery criteria like aroma, mouthfeel, flavour etc, so you can review each beer you try and decide whether to buy it again!

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  10. Some Rather Special Beers!

    We're always proud of our selection here at Beer Hawk, but at the moment we're particularly chuffed as we've managed to get our hands on some rather special beers. Although it's tempting to keep them all for ourselves, we thought we should tell you about a few of our current favourites - we're nice like that. Some are limited release or don't make their way into the country too often, and some we think are just plain exciting!

    Flying Dog is always a great starting point. This Maryland brewery is bringing out a series of four Imperial IPAs, each with the same grist bill but heavily hopped with a different single hop variety. Where better to explore the profile of HBC-431, an experimental hop which hasn't even been named yet? At 10%, this imperial IPA is full-bodied with biscuity malts and a touch of alcohol sweetness, but the HBC-431 hop itself is the star of the show. Alongside fresh pine
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  11. Sommelier's Faves from our new Sour Beers and Saisons

    After many afternoons tasting new beers all in the name of range analysis and overhaul we’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to some of our stock in order to make room for the exciting new listings to the Beer Hawk range. We’ve included more selections from breweries we already stock and have listed some incredible new-to-us breweries.

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  12. Brewery of the Month: Brewfist Italian Ales

    Well sock it to me! Brewfist Italian Ales is our brewery of the month for March. It was almost three years ago that I discovered this great Italian brewery while on a trip to Rome and let me tell you: it completely changed my perspective on Italian beer.

    Obviously the Italians are famous for their wines--and rightfully so. However, there has historically been a strong brewing tradition in the northern part of the country, where Brewfist hails from. Since brewing their first beer in late 2010, Brewfist, alongside other great Italian breweries like Toccalmatto and Birra del Borgo, have put new wave Italian beers on the, well, map.

    In recent years, the Italian beer scene has become one of the better-established beer scenes in Europe. Sure there are the stalwarts like the UK, Copenhagen and the Czech Republic, yet when considering that beer has to struggle against a strong cultural tide in countries like Italy

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  13. We've Got Nice Cans!

    After the better part of a year working on my bosses trying to convince them of the virtues of canned beer, it appears as though they've finally accepted the truth: canned beer is great!

    Cans for beer have come a long way since the 70's and the 80's--those terrible decades when fashion was flammable, food was plastic, and canned beer tasted like, well, canned beer. As with most things besides music (that's right, I said it) technology and products improve with the passage of time. Looking to today, it's fair to say that beer can technology has improved to the point where we can confidently benefit from cans without compromising on taste or quality.

    While conceding that canned beer is not as aesthetically pleasing as a nicely packaged bottle and that maybe you shouldn't bring it as a hostess gift to a dinner party with the in-laws (unless your in-laws are really into their beer) there isn't really a downside to a properly canned beer. Note that I said properly

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  14. And Union Modernist Bavarian Craft Bier

    I'm glad that we've chosen the newly-minted And Union for our brewery of the month for February. For starters, since they've recently undergone a brand overhaul, it gives us the opportunity to bid adieu to "Brewers and Union" and welcome the tremendously simplified And Union. Secondly I must admit that I've been a bit remiss in learning what these guys are all about so I'm going to take that chance now.

    And Union came to be way back in 2007--and entered the UK market in 2010--as the brainchild of Rui Esteves, Manuel Esteves, and Brad Armitage. Fiercely protective of their vision of only producing small batches using the traditional ingredients of water, hops, barley, wheat and yeast, And Union bases their business model on partnerships with small regional Bavarian breweries. That's right--they contract brew.

    I'm still a little foggy as to where these guys are based--a message, that with their re-brand, could become clearer--but I'm gathering that the label is part

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  15. Stone Brewing Co. Has Landed!

    It's that time again--those who gazed wistfully out to sea from our western shores finally have their patience rewarded: the great Stone ship has steamed into port carrying delicious gifts from the new world! Sadly, the ship was a little smaller this time carrying with it just a few beauties from their extensive range. Yet, we've happened to get our beery talons on Stone IPA and Stone Ruination IPA. Deeeelicious.

    Routinely rated as one of the best IPAs in the world, Stone IPA is also rated as one of my favorites. I love how refreshing and crisp it is thanks to all of the gorgeous hops and two weeks of dry-hopping. If there's anything that Stone knows how to do better than others, it's playing with hops. American hops are the star of this IPA's show with its notes of citrus, grapefruit, and pine. Just beautiful.

    When I'm looking for a good kick to the face (or

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  16. Bad Seed Brewery Has Rolled In!

    Bad Seed, good guys. That's right, some of the nicest guys with some of Yorkshire's nicest beer have finally found their way into our warehouse. And it's about time, considering that Bad Seed Brewery is one of our North Yorkshire neighbors!

    I first discovered Bad Seed probably not too long after their launch at the great Friends of Ham in Leeds. My first impression was "why is the price tag still hanging off of it?" because of the bottle's little tag-doohickey thing. Yet, opinions of the of-course-it-dunked-straight-into-my-beer device is not what I walked away with. Indeed, it was their deliciously light and spritzy Saison that made me want to know more about these Bad Seed guys. Fortunately, thanks to the best gig in the world, I now get to.

    The gregarious Chris and passionate James have taken their brand from strength to strength in the past year. They've collaborated with other great breweries (striking

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  17. Left Hand Brewing Company Has Arrived!

    I'm stoked that Left Hand Brewing Company has come back to us here in the UK from the mile-high land of Colorado. I discovered Left Hand years ago because, as a proud Southpaw, I couldn't not try a brewery so aptly named.

    At the time I was only interested in very malt-forward beers as I hadn't yet grown to like the bitter aspect of beer. Imagine my pseudo-cool-girl-trying-to-impress-the-guys delight when a glistening Left Hand Milk Stout tap handle appeared and time stood still.

    I remember my first impression like it was yesterday. Creamy. Chocolate. Coffee. The smoothest stout that I had ever had. I didn't know what a "milk stout" was. Figured it had something to do with the creaminess or was a gimmick or they had a special affinity for the cows on the label. Nevertheless, for a long time I declared that my favorite style of beer was a stout simply because of my memory of Left Hand's Milk Stout.

    To this day I know Left Hand as one of those breweries

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  18. Session #88 -- Traditional Beer Mixes

    Ok, I'll admit it: up until now the only beer mix I've ever had came in Irish Car Bomb form (you know, Guinness and Bailey's à la Jagerbomb.) So, suffice it to say that this month's Beer Blogging Friday topic of Traditional Beer Mixes--hosted by Boak and Bailey--is a long time coming for me.

    I've personally never been a fan of drinking beer concoctions, nevermind those days in my early 20's when I thought I was so cool when drinking a Flaming Dr. Pepper (a glass of beer with a flaming shot of amaretto and vodka dropped in it.) I've always thought that mixing beers was only something that bar-hands should do with the dregs in the glasses when clearing the tables. Nevertheless, I'm slowly warming up to the idea of some of these traditional beer mixes. There must be a reason why they have stood the test of time, after all.

    For those of you that don't know, I'm a Yank and I've only

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