1. INTERVIEW: Siren Craft Beer

    INTERVIEW: Siren Craft Beer

    Siren Craft Brew is one of the country's most innovative breweries. We chat to founder Darron Anley and Head Brewer Kyle Larsen to find out why

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  2. INTERVIEW: Dave Stone of Wylam Brewery

    INTERVIEW: Dave Stone of Wylam Brewery

    As well as probably having the country's most beautiful brewery, Wylam is also making some of the country's most interesting beers. We caught up with director Dave Stone
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  3. It's gin o'clock

    It's gin o'clock

    Along with craft beer, gin is having a moment. Occasionally the two mix. Wild Beer Co and Northern Monk are among the breweries eyeing up distilleries and making spirits

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  4. Brewery interview: Inside BrewDog

    Brewery interview: Inside BrewDog

    John Allen is a man with a big responsibility as the BrewDog’s Brewing Manager. In this interview, he talks about BrewDog’s ethos, how it became so successful and some of the beer he’s loving right now.  
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  5. [INTERVIEW] What makes Sori Brewing so great?

    What makes Sori Brewing so great?

    Estonia's Sori Brewing crowdfunded in 2014 and 2015 and has since become very well respected in particular for its hoppy IPAs and dark beers. We spoke to CEO and co-founder Pyry Hurula to find out what exactly they are doing right

    Your beer is amazing. What are you doing right?
    Our team has done its homework. Our lead brewer (Heikki Uotila) is super talented and has a good understanding of all properties of the

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  6. Interview: Scotland's Williams Bros

    Flowers of Scotland

    Williams Bros are one of the most exciting breweries in Britain. Here we speak to co-founder Scott Williams about how the beer scene has changed since 1988 and using traditional ingredients

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  7. Brewery focus: North Brewing Co

    Northern Lights

    Co-Director John Gyngell on a remarkable success story

    It’s a simple enough question to pose: Do you want to a) die or, b) retire without starting a brewery? It was two years ago when John Gyngell asked a question to his fellow director at North, the group behind the small collection of pubs around Leeds that includes the famous craft beer mecca North Bar. That question ‘do you want to die or retire without having started a brewery?’ was met with a resounding ‘no’ from Christian Townsley. Within months, a site was found and a head brewer in place in the form of Seb Brink. In November 2015, the brewery officially opened.

    In two short years since it has become one of the leading breweries in the country. We caught up with co-founder and director John to find out more of the amazing story that started with one of the best beer bars in the country.

    “There is a slight myth that has

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  8. PROFILE: Fourpure

    Brewery profile: Fourpure Brewing Co

    We headed down to Bermondsey to catch up with Fourpure's Head Brewer John Dribergen

    Head Brewer John Dribergen

    Fourpure was founded in 2013 by brothers Dan and Tom Lowe. It has since emerged as one of the shining lights of the new London brewing scene, growing into one of the biggest breweries in the capital. It is widely respected for the quality and consistency of the core range, as well as an exciting range of one-off beers and a highly-rated Adventure Series, several of which are in this month’s beer case. Things never really stand still at this brewery.

    At a recent collaboration brew Beer Hawk did with Fourpure and North Brewing Co, we learnt about a new brewhouse that should be installed and brewing by the time you read this. It should also be said that their canning line is one of the most modern anywhere, and guarantees a super fresh product. Also new is a sensory panel

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  9. Fyne Ales

    Fyne Ales: From the Elements

    The Highland elements are what makes Fyne Ales so special, as Daniel Neilson discovered when he met MD Jamie Delap. Photograph by Dougie Cunningham (

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  10. Inside Denmark's Dry & Bitter brewery

    Denmark's best new brewery

    Out of Denmark is our beer buyer’s new favourite brewery: Dry & Bitter. Not only do they have great names for the beers (hello Christian Bale Ale), the liquid itself is a great accomplishment. We spoke to co-founder Søren Wagner about the Danish beer scene

    Tell us about the ethos you started out with at Dry & Bitter?
    Dry & Bitter was always going to be a passion project first. The ethos and the philosophy is to brew and sell super fresh hoppy beers that have great flavour, but which are balanced drinking beers rather than extreme. I always say that you need to be able to drink a pint of a beer for it to be balanced and that is what we are fighting for. Apart from that, we focus deeply on creating complex sours where the key word, yet again, is balance.   


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  11. Brewery profile: Birra del Borgo

    Brewery profile: Birra del Borgo

    Birra del Borgo has been at the forefront of Italian craft brewing from Borgorese, Italy – about 60 miles east of Rome – since 2005. Founded by the CEO, Leonardo di Vicenzo, they’ve been turning out reinterpretations of classic styles ever since

    When di Vicenzo saw the potential in opening a brewery he gave up his PhD in biochemistry to follow his passion for craft beer. Drawing inspiration from his travels throughout Europe, he decided that Birra del Borgo should respect the traditional low carbonation, very full-bodied and fruitiness compelling characteristics from the classic beers of Belgium and the UK while also finding innovative ways to put the Birra del Borgo stamp-of-creativity in the bottle.

    What we’ve got today are beers which are reminiscent of ancient brewing traditions

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  12. Who is Mike Hess?

    Who is Mike Hess?

    Mike Hess Brewing of San Diego has quickly risen to be one of the most respected breweries on the California West Coast. Beer Hawk have just started stocking its award-winning beers. Here are the highlights

    The plaudits speak for themselves: World Beer Cup Winner 2016 Gold Award for the Claritas Kölsch and voted San Diego’s Best Brewery, which is quite saying something when you are up against Green Flash, Ballast Point, Modern Times, Stone and AleSmith. So what is it about Mike Hess, a newcomer to British shores at least, that has caught the beer world’s attention?

    Mike Hess was started by, you’ve guessed it, Mike Hess back in 2010. Amazingly, this was the 33rd brewery to open in the city. Mike himself was a homebrewer for some 15 years, before making the jump to become a commercial ‘nano brewer’.

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  13. Brewery of the Month: Yeastie Boys

    Opposite Ends of the Earth

    Having the Yeastie Boys as our September Brewery of the Month was a no-brainer; we love these guys. Who wouldn't? Co-Founder, Stu McKinlay, is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, the beer is amazing and there's no need to Sleep 'till Brooklyn (get ready for more of these) because we can now get some of New Zealand's finest beers right here in the UK.

    Yeastie Boys, spearheaded by founders Mr. McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie, broke onto the New Zealand craft beer scene in 2008. They were quick to Make Some Noise when their Pot Kettle Black Porter won multiple awards in 2009. Quickly establishing themselves as the benchmark for New Zealand craft beer they've now turned their attention to a more Intergalactic (seriously, only a couple more) distribution by way of the New

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  14. Wild Beer Co - One of Britain’s most thrilling breweries arrives at Beer hawk

    Wild Beer Co - August's Brewery of the Month

    Millionaire: a chocolate and salted caramel stout. Wild Goose Chase: a tart beer, loaded with gooseberries and fermented with a yeast from a local orchard. Smoke ‘n’ Barrels: a lager using malts that have been smoked with cherry wood, rosemary and sage, all using a home built smoker. Yep, Wild Beer Co brewers certainly live up to their motto: Drink Wildly Differently. This is a brewery on a mission to change the perception of what a beer can be, while all the time keeping them incredibly drinkable.

    Take one of our favourites, Sleeping Lem

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  15. Brewery of the Month: Birra del Borgo

    Re Inventing Italian Craft Beer

    Re Ale, KeTo Re Porter, Duchessa, Cortigianna. Now you're speaking our language! Or Italian, to be exact. We are so excited to welcome the Italian craft brewery, Birra del Borgo, as our brewery of the month for July. Birra del Borgo has been at the forefront of Italian craft brewing from Borgorese, Italy--about 60 miles east of Rome--since 2005. Founded by the CEO, Leonardo di Vicenzo, they've been turning out reinterpretations of classic styles ever since.

    When di Vicenzo saw the potential in opening a brewery he gave up his PhD in biochemistry to follow his passion for craft

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  16. Brewery of the Month: Mondo Brewing Company

    We're very excited to present a new-to-us brewery as our May Brewery of the Month: Mondo Brewing Company. Established in early-2015 in an old converted warehouse in Battersea by two Americans, Mondo has been making waves with their straightforward and technically-sound beers. Brewing styles they like to drink and drawing influences from all over the world--err, mondo--this small crew has big plans, big ideas and a bright future.

    Head-brewer and Co-Founder, Tom Palmer, was gracious enough to answer some questions posed to him by our Beer Sommelier, Maggie. Have a read of the interview below so you can get a better idea of what you're tasting when you drink their beer:


    What should we know about who Mondo Brewing is? What's behind the name?

    Mondo, the word itself, has myriad variations in romance languages. It means

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  17. Brewery of the Month: Cloudwater Brew Co.

    Since they've only been brewing since last spring, I don't have a long, storied history with these guys and gals from Manchester. Indeed, my first real taste of their beers was at last September's Leeds International Beer Festival. I was drawn in by their sleek branding and cool-looking bar at the festival. After striking up a conversation with Paul Jones, co-founder and beard-wearer extraordinaire, I could tell instantly that that we were going to be best friends. Well, me and the beer at least.

    You see, with the industry being the way it is these days a fine-tuned brand image can be met with a bit of skepticism when first entering the market. How much work could a brewery have actually put into their beer if they've already got etched and logo'd glassware? T-shirts? Badges? (One might ask...)

    But this was not a man rattling off tasting notes or other rehearsed jargon. This was no salesman who may as well have been talking to me about carpet installation. There was

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