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09th Mar 2018 | News

Beer Hawk to launch taproom and bottle shop in London

We're all set to open a new bar in the heart of London. We're excited. Very.

Image by Fred Mouniguet/Unsplash

Beer Hawk's co-founder Chris France writes: "The concept of our new London bar will be a taproom and bottle shop hybrid bringing over 80 of the world’s finest beers on draft and in bottles from our online shop, allowing people to browse, discover, take away or simply enjoy a drink in.

"The bar isn’t just for people who already love craft and speciality beer it’s for anyone, we want to make it the kind of place you’d come to on a Saturday night with some friends or the place you’d go for after work drinks and you know that the staff will try their utmost to make sure you’re drinking something you genuinely enjoy.

"People will also be able to order beer from the bar to be delivered to their home address through the Beer Hawk website, which means if there’s a particular beer or style they’re enjoying they can simply go on to one of the iPads, order what they’d like, and it will be delivered to their home address in just a couple of days."

The taproom also hops to stand out because customers can spend their Beer Tokens. "We’re a bit unique in that we’ve already got a very active reward scheme (Beer Tokens) already built in to our online shop – and we’re planning on extending to the bar. That’ll mean customers who shop with us online can spend their Beer Tokens to get money off their bill, or access to exclusive events, and vice versa. It’s early days, but we’re really excited about the possibilities!"

Stay tuned for the first concept images on the Journal soon.

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