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Belgian Beer Mixed Case (15 beers)

Belgian Beer Mixed Case (15 beers)

Widely regarded as producing some of the world’s best beers Belgium has centuries of tradition, refinement and monk-knowledge, which show up in each extraordinary bottle that we get to enjoy today. Belgian beer is typically recognised for its spicy character as well as rich, luxurious flavours of dried fruits, figgy malts and citrus along with a dry finish. Whether you’re looking for a spritzy Witbier, refreshing Saison or an indulgent Dubbel, enjoy the incredible diversity of Belgian beer all within this 15-bottle box!

The beers included are:

Blanche de Bruxelles


Bosteels Kwak

Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel

Chimay Red

Delirium Tremens


Westmalle Dubbel

Leffe Brune

St Feuillien Saison

Vedett Blond

Poperings Hommelbier

St Bernardus Prior 8

The Wipers Times

Leffe Radieuse

Please note that if we are out of stock of any of the above we will substitute one of equal or greater value to ensure we get the beer to you as quickly as possible. Beer shown is representative only of beer in the case.
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Product Reviews

  • Great selection and good variety

    Review by Bazza

    A birthday present that was much appreciated.
    Brilliant beers giving examples of many of the Belgian beer types. (Posted on 19/06/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by beap11

    A great selection of Belgian Beers at a very reasonable price. Good as an introduction or perfect for those who like their beer from Belgium. Definitely recommend. (Posted on 24/04/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Adele

    Excellent selection of beers. My boyfriend was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed working his way through the mixed case (Posted on 21/04/2017)

  • So many wonderful but different beers in one box

    Review by Scott M

    This is a fantastic introduction to Belgian beers. I was already a fan but had only sampled a small selection of what the country has to offer. This box gives a wide range of styles from funky saison, through light and very dry lagers, and then everything to deep, dark, fruity trappist ales. It also covers session beers right through to the mind-numbingly boozy.
    I'll definitely be buying this box again, along with a few extra bottles of my new favourites. (Posted on 10/04/2017)

  • Fantastic selection

    Review by Timbo

    Great way to sample the best of what Belgium has to offer. Too many new favorites to mention but I will be coming back to order more. Thanks! (Posted on 08/03/2017)

  • Value for Money

    Review by James

    A nice collection for a reasonable price. (Posted on 27/02/2017)


    Review by Simon P

    I treated myself to this box as an early Christmas present to myself, turned out to be the best present i got that year too! Great selection and loved the St Bernadaus, Kwak and Delirium, well to be fair i loved them all so much ive just ordered another one today! (Posted on 09/02/2017)

  • Great selection on Belgium beer

    Review by Scrapman

    I ordered 2 boxes of the same for a family gathering as they have high expectations! Typical Belgium beer strong hoppie and full of flavour. Highly recommended (Posted on 13/12/2016)

  • Great Beers

    Review by SergioMass

    Great way to try 15 beers (Posted on 29/11/2016)

  • Brilliant place to start

    Review by Nickguitarmusic

    Fantastic place to start your addiction to Belgian beers. I bought two cases in conjunction with a special offer whick proved great value (Posted on 22/10/2016)

  • Great selection

    Review by TimL

    Really great range of beers to try. Some familiar, some not but don't think there were any i was disappointed with. Have since ordered several individual bottles from this case - loved Blanche de Bruxelles (Posted on 27/08/2016)

  • A great selection

    Review by Griff92

    You can't go wrong with Belgian beer, and this is a nicely representative selection. Very swift delivery too! (Posted on 24/08/2016)

  • Great mixed case

    Review by Del73

    A great selection of belgian beers particularly enjoyed the trappist beers and the orval was a firm favourite. Not so keen on the couple of fruit beers though, nice to try them but not to my taste.
    Thanks. (Posted on 19/08/2016)

  • Fantastic beers within.

    Review by Biz

    Great selection of beers, never disappointed. (Posted on 01/07/2016)

  • Looking Good

    Review by AJE17

    I bought these Belgian Beers for a Birthday treat to myself. Only jhad 3 fo them so far. Well worth buying (Posted on 01/06/2016)

  • Standout selection

    Review by PK

    Great selection of blondes and trippels, even enjoyed the fruity ones! Prompt delivery too (Posted on 03/05/2016)

  • Great

    Review by sim

    The beers were great, the selection was good, the delivery was on time, what more do you want. (Posted on 08/04/2016)

  • Belgian delights

    Review by Mozza

    Really enjoyable case with a beer for everyone. Didn't take long to get through this little bad boy! (Posted on 29/03/2016)

  • Indeed!!

    Review by bboy12s

    What a cracking selection of Belgian Beers. As a recent convert to Belgian ales after a recent trip to Brussells with my adult son & daughter (both aficionados) this package certainly hit the spot and provided me with more insight into the wonderful world of Belgian Beers - a real mixed range but as you'd expect not a bad one to be had in this case. (Posted on 15/03/2016)

  • Excellent

    Review by Thorney

    Great variety good value glad I found somewhere to buy my favourite Belgium's. (Posted on 25/02/2016)

  • Great package

    Review by Joe

    Great selection of beers, some of which i didn't think was great, but most of them where amazing beers.

    Fruit beers also made it a great mix! (Posted on 20/02/2016)

  • Excellent!

    Review by Cat L

    Super selection of beers bought for Christmas, and didn\'t make it to New Year\'s Eve! Some new beers and some familiar beers, all enjoyed. I saved the bottle of Kwak until the end!
    Your service is fantastic, and I look forward to my next order. Thank you Beerhawk! (Posted on 29/01/2016)

  • Will be ordering again

    Review by Subject

    Although I don\'t drink myself, my husband loved the fruit beers and is looking forward to getting some more. (Posted on 06/01/2016)

  • Great variety

    Review by Lau

    Loved all the beers! Would definitely order again (Posted on 05/01/2016)

  • excellent

    Review by alexm

    excellent beer and great service (Posted on 03/01/2016)

  • Great quality

    Review by jack

    i liked it a lot. Taste is really great (Posted on 07/12/2015)

  • Excellent beers!

    Review by Nick R

    Great variety of beers and they were all excellent. I even liked the fruit beers which I'm not usually too keen on. Definitely recommended. (Posted on 09/11/2015)

  • Great Selection of Beer

    Review by KirstyMc

    Have always like Belgium beer but this selection allowed me to try a few new ones and was thoroughly enjoyed. (Posted on 29/08/2015)

  • Excellent as long as you want the fruit beers

    Review by Z

    Personally I am not a fan of fruit beers and know of many others who would agree, so bear that in mind if buying as a gift as there could be better options. All of the other beers are fantastic though. (Posted on 09/08/2015)

  • Mr.

    Review by jyyarptn

    20 (Posted on 02/08/2015)

  • Mr.

    Review by qdcqijlm

    20 (Posted on 21/07/2015)

  • What you see is what you get.

    Review by CBDur

    Got all the beers listed so no need to call trading standards.

    Perfect if you love all beers Belgian or if you plan to share with people who like all the different varieties. Very good also if you want an introduction to belgian beers to inform future purchases. If you're not a fan of a specific type of Belgian beer then maybe choose something a bit more specific.

    Fast delivery too so can't go wrong, really. (Posted on 06/07/2015)

  • Tasty, tasty very very tasty

    Review by Tractor Boy

    A most enjoyable selection which passed several lonely nights whilst my Yorkshire lass was across t'Atlantic visiting the Grandson. A broad selection of tastes and styles and great service as always (Posted on 25/05/2015)

  • Tasty, tasty very very tasty

    Review by Tractor Boy

    A delightful selection which passed several lonely nights whilst my Yorkshire lass headed across t'Atlantic to see the Grandson. A broad selection of tastes and styles to excite the palate (Posted on 25/05/2015)

  • Flavoursome selection

    Review by Davo

    Classic selection of Belgian beers with fantastic variety of flavours. Each one thoroughly enjoyed and looking forward to next order. (Posted on 17/05/2015)

  • Nice mixture of beers

    Review by Andy Scars

    A good range of different styles of Belgium beer ranging from strong dark beer, through amber nectar to refreshing lighter fruit based beers. A perfect gift for Father's day !! (Posted on 16/05/2015)

  • Worr'a box!

    Review by Cannybrew

    Pulling out beer after beer from this Belgian box surprised me. So much selection and so much quality. 1 or 2 average beers, 13 or 14 quality ones. Thanks guys! (Posted on 01/05/2015)

  • Great range

    Review by Brian H

    Loving every bottle in this case. Will get it again soon. (Posted on 22/04/2015)

  • Great Beers delivered very quickly

    Review by Philbo

    Great selection of beers including Trapist. Very strong (average ABV 6-7%) and very tasty. Having had the American Discovery case previously also this is another winner. Great service and speedy delivery from Beer Hawk also. (Posted on 21/04/2015)

  • Nice to try a range

    Review by Rich

    Really enjoyed this gift set My favourites were the Chimay blue and the trappiste rochefort too as above. I don't mind the fruit beers but I am a traditionalist really so gave me the ability to narrow my selection for my next order. (Posted on 04/04/2015)

  • Good range of beers

    Review by KD

    Very nice selection and quite a few I'd never tried before. Order arrived quickly and was well packaged.
    I've just ordered another one for some friends who are coming round and so I can sample a few again just to be safe :) Would highly recommend. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great

    Review by Ls89

    Excellent selection of beers enjoyed every one. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • I'm a convert!

    Review by Stu_the_Beer_Baron

    I've previously been a real ale man - enjoying the non-fizzy stuff. This collection of Belgian beers has completely changed my mind - most of these are strong, individual personalities well worth savouring - first class! (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great intro to Belgian Beers

    Review by Ben

    As a newbie to Belgian beers this was the perfect case for me. I learnt that I prefer the darker, maltier Belgian beers. Possibly too many fruit beers included? (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Present to myself

    Review by HoorayHilander

    Having discovered the vast range of Belgian beers during a trip to Brugge, Ghent and Brussles earlier this year and becoming dissapointed with the limited range in British supermarkets I went on line and discovered Beerhawk. I then promised to buy a selection case in time for Christmas. Luckily I received the goods before CityLink went bust otherwise I would not have been a happy bunny. The case provided a sample of the many Belgian beers available, although there were some not quite to my taste. In summary I was very content with my purchase and Beerhawk. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Good Variety and Range

    Review by Hellmonkey

    I am really impressed with the range and variety of beers received. Despite travelling to Belgium recently and having this Belgian box a year ago there are still many beers new to me in this box. The only thing some people might be disappointed with is that some beers go as small as 25CL and others as low in strength as 2.5%. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • great gift idea

    Review by AM

    Bought this as a gift and the recipient loved it! Good idea when you're not sure exactly what to get because there are so many different kinds. Was delivered really fast too. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great beers

    Review by Jkcov

    If you're looking for an introduction to Belgian beers but don't know where to start like I was, then this is the selection for you. It allows you to sample a variety of Belgian beers and decide which styles you'd like to pursue further. I'll definitely be exploring more fruit beers from now on (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great pick and mix

    Review by Gills

    If you're looking for an introduction to Belgian beers but don't know where to start like I was, then this is the selection for you. It allows you to sample a variety of Belgian beers and decide which styles you'd like to pursue further. I'll definitely be exploring more fruit beers from now on... (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Perfect mix

    Review by Andyblue

    The Belgian mix case had a great mix that didn't disappoint. With a great range of strength's and flavours even the fruit beers were enjoyable. Will get this case again in the future. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Excellent choice & selection

    Review by KL

    Really good and interesting selection of beers, first class delivery service. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Excellent service

    Review by Chelmervalley

    Good range of Belgiums! (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Brilliant!

    Review by mrsH

    What a great box of Belgium beers. I bought this for my husband and he loved trying out all the different beers. He especially loved all the high percentage beers! definitely recommend this one as a good taster set to get you started with Belgium beers. We will be buying this one again. (Posted on 19/02/2015)

  • Good starter for Belgian beers

    Review by KingFunk

    Pretty good introduction to Belgian beers, although doesn't contain some of the true greats like Delirium Tremens or Tripel Karmeliet. Also, fruit Iambics might not be to everyone's taste. But all round pretty good! (Posted on 18/02/2015)

  • Trappist beer Belgian beauties.

    Review by Ruthandjen

    Really enjoyed this gift set of Belgian beer. My favourites were the Chimay blue and the trappiste rochefort. Still a little unsure of those beers that were strongly fruit enhanced but on the whole enjoyed every gulp! (Posted on 05/02/2015)

  • Excellent !

    Review by Mushy peas

    Some lovely beers. One or two a bit strange tasting but fun to try something different. Delivery was excellent as I placed it a bit late for Christmas but it still arrived in time!! Thank you! (Posted on 13/01/2015)

  • The perfect gift

    Review by Dave H

    What do you give a pal, who's got everything, for his 50th??
    Well this is the perfect solution!!
    Great selection of beers, a couple of his faves, and one that made him laugh, 'kwak'.
    He said they were all great and every drop was savoured and enjoyed.
    Great service too from Beerhawk as I needed a quick delivery and they duly obliged. Cheers Beerhawk! (Posted on 30/11/2014)

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    or £4.99 UK standard
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