Beavertown x Wander Beyond Gluttony

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When we saw that this beer was described as a 'breakfast barley wine', naturally we thought, well this must be some kind of low abv concoction... Nope... This utterly incredible blackberry pancake barley wine comes in at a whopping 15%. Wander Beyond are relatively new on the scene, but no strangers to this kind of intense brew and that is what caught the eye of household faves Beavertown when they asked them to collaborate. The flavour is sticky and sweet like all good barley wines, however the tartness and subtle blackberry balances this off perfectly to create a beer that is far too drinkable for it's abv. If you would like liqufied berry pancakes with a hit of booze, then this is for you, however despite what it says on the can, we don't recommend having it for breakfast!

Brewery Info

Founded in 2011 by the amazingly-named Logan Plant, Beavertown was the old Cockney name given to the historic De Beauvoir area in London. The Beavertown brewery was set up in Duke's Brew & Que - a pub in De Beauvoir, Hackney, which quickly became famed for its authentic American BBQ and punchy craft beers.

The first thing you notice about a Beavertown brew is the packaging - futuristic, apocalyptic and totally entertaining whilst you enjoy your beer. They have an excellently variety to try, including a black IPA (!) and a smoked porter. If those sound a bit too experimental for your tastes, try their Pale Ale and Session IPA.


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