Basqueland Fruit Boot Jr.

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Three American brewing buddies decided to up sticks and head on over to the Basque country in northern Spain and after much hijinks and hard work, a brewery was formed with the intention of marrying the Basque culinary excellence with beer. Good results were forthcoming, of which is Fruit Boot Jr. is but the latest. Brewed as a session version of their much-loved Fruit Boot, this beer retains all the mango and lactose charm of its older sibling while dialling back the alcohol content to create an eminently sessionable, delightfully fruity and tropical beer. Admit it the younger brother was always the cooler more chilled out one!

Brewery Info

The Basqueland Brewing Project is a new brewery created by three Americans living in San Sebastian who are dedicated to brewing beer on par with the Basque culinary experience. A lofty goal for some but not for Basqueland.

"We make our beer true-to-style for the refined palates of our adopted paisanos preaching the gospel of fresh beer whenever a beer bottle is not pressed to our lips. Drink fresh. Drink good. And for god’s sake, treat her like a lady."


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