Barley Crusher Grain Mill w/ 7 lb (3.2kg) capacity Hopper

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This aluminium and steel barley crusher comes with a lifetime warranty and a hopper capacity of up to 3.2kg. The rollers are adjustable with a range of .015 to .070, and will pull grains through but leave husks intact to form a filter bed for sparging. Includes a hand-crank, but can also be used with a drill without need for an adapter: using a 3/8 drill motor at 500 RPM gives a throughput of 2.7kg a minute.

A barley crusher in your homebrewing setup means you can buy your malt in whole form - and whole grains stay fresh for much longer - and have the freshest crushed barley on your brew day. You will also have complete control over the fineness of your crush and can adjust to suit your purposes.


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