Amundsen Hopbliminal Messages

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Have you ever had that craving for a juicy hop-bomb? Drink. That insatiable call to head on over to the fridge and crack open something cold, juicy and hoppy. Drink. Is it free will? Drink. Who knows? Drink. Maybe, the Hopbliminal Messages have gotten to you. Drink. Or perhaps you’re hophead in forever roaming in search of the freshest and hoppiest brews you can find. If so, this beer will tick all the right boxes! It pours pineapple yellow with a heavy haze. The aroma and flavour are all tropical fruit hoppiness, a little pineapple and a dash of citrus. It’s mildly sweet to finish and there’s only an echo of bitterness. Do you feel the call? Hopbliminal Messages. Drink

Brewery Info

Started as a brewpub in Oslo by two Norwegian investors, Amundsen Brewery has undergone a period of incredible growth in the last 2 years. Trying one of their beers will make you understand why, they’re incredible! Geoffrey van Vuuren was hired very early on to run the brewpub and within a couple of years he was invited to co-own the brewery he had made so much his own. His dedication to quality has driven Amundsen to greater and greater heights. Focussing on fruity IPAs, sours and huge stouts, Amundsen are all about big and bold flavours and incredible beer! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!


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