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New Zealand Beers

Hops from New Zealand are widely used throughout the world and the majority of beer produced tends to be heavily hopped pale ale and lagers.  In fact New Zealand hops became so popular in 2011 there was a shortage experienced by domestic beer as countries like America were importing so much for their own hoppy ales.

Although NZ boasts circa 50 microbreweries, it’s mighty hard to get hold of the good beer Zealand, not because it doesn’t exist, simply because it takes so long to get to Britain by boat!  Consequently we don’t have many but if we do they are below:-

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2565 Reviews
Although I had a little hiccup with one of my orders, after an e-mail to customer support, a quick response was had and resolved all issues. A great selection of beers, including non-alcoholic. Keep up the good work.
So easy to order. Delivered within 2 days. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again
This was intended as a Father's Day present. He's still waiting. Firstly, there was as issue in the company lacking stock for a certain item (I overlooked this, things happen!) Secondly, after declaring my wishes for the unavailable item to be refunded, I had to 'chase up' the delivery schedule as the process was taking an unusually long time. I was assured a delivery for the next day (alarm bells: had my delivery been forgotten?) Thirdly, after paying a larger sum than I would have liked for delivery to Northern Ireland, my beers arrived at my home in London! No problem on my end; the address and payment were correct for delivery to NI. It then took a while for collection for re-delivery to be arranged, as funnily enough, I work during the week and it is not convenient to wait around to correct other people's mistakes. Thankfully, the beers are now apparently en-route to my father but I'm quite disappointed with the service to say the least and only time will tell if the wait has been worth it!