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New Zealand Beers

Hops from New Zealand are widely used throughout the world and the majority of beer produced tends to be heavily hopped pale ale and lagers.  In fact New Zealand hops became so popular in 2011 there was a shortage experienced by domestic beer as countries like America were importing so much for their own hoppy ales.

Although NZ boasts circa 50 microbreweries, it’s mighty hard to get hold of the good beer Zealand, not because it doesn’t exist, simply because it takes so long to get to Britain by boat!  Consequently we don’t have many but if we do they are below:-

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2762 Reviews
Unfortunately I had issues from start to finish which is quite likely putting my off from ordering again. - After being given a gift voucher - when trying to sign up to the website it was displayed offline and not working. - When I made my order and went to purchase - the transaction was cancelled, after calling there was no reason why it happened but said someone will call me during the week and sort it out. (ordered on a Sunday afternoon, for following Saturday delivery) - After calling on 3 occasions, the transaction was finally put through. - Come Saturday, no delivery. I end up calling on Monday to see what was happening and they had no idea why it happened. Upon further investigation turned out the bottles were damaged in transit so the order got cancelled (?). I was then asked if I would like them re-delivered, which I did, and express delivery was organized. Unfortunately meaning that I would be at work when delivery would happen (hence the request for Saturday delivery). In which I also asked for the beers to be left with a neigbour if I'm not in. They were actually left on my front door instead! Glad none got nicked but it's lazy work by the transit company. Overall, disappointed with the communication, having to talk to 4 different people and not being told/updated what was happening and chasing it when really it should be as easy as click, order, deliver.
Excellent service, beers were delivered 2 days after order and within the 1 hour slot provided. I was using vouchers I had been given which I found a little confusing to get applied but eventually found it. Excellent range of beers, I ordered two different crates. I don't think the value is great given it is an online company and buying non custom crates so would expect lower price per bottle. Wouldn't expect to pay much more for individual bottle in a pub for some of these beers. Some are often in supermarkets for less as well. As mentioned, mine were free as a gift otherwise wouldn't use the site.
Brilliant from start to finish. Quick delivery and the extra little touches in the box were great and made it feel like a premium service. I especially liked the card with tips on how to pour different beers.