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Durham White Stout

Multi-award winning, bottle-conditioned legends. Family owned and brewing from a 10 barrel plant, Durham make a staggering range of superb brews, from low abv Pale ales right through to knock-you-round- the- back-of-the-head supercharged stouts. They've casually tossed aside the temptation to brew in bulk instead focussing on brewing to an exquisite standard. All are bottle-conditioned and we've never once had a bad one - quite an achievement given the volatility of true bottle-conditioning. Lovely

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Style Porter, Stout & Mild
Country UK
ABV 7.2%
Serving Temp 10 °C
Bottle Size 500ml
At a glance Bottle ConditionedBitter Taste
White Stouts are unusual but very traditional indeed. Today, stout is synonymous with dark beer but originally stout was used more literally to describe "strong and true" beers. This is just such a beer at its core it's strong, "stout" and pale and this is a wonderful platform from which to commence a spicy, hoppy, total palate assault. It has an intense bitterness that mellows overtime if left to mature.

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