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De Molen Rasputin

What can you say about De Molen? A brewery with a huge international reputation that far outstrips it's miniscule production capacity of 500 litres kettles. The head brewery Menno Olivier personifies everything craft beer should be, starting off as a homebrewer with genuine skill and enthusiasm and developing his art in perfectly conceived brews, the sheer range and quality of the beer is astonising. Everything from De Molen is truly extraordinary and what's great is it's all about the beer- no fancy packaging, no self aggrandized hype, just brilliant, brilliant beer

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Style Porter, Stout & Mild
Country Netherlands
ABV 10.4%
Serving Temp 10 °C
Bottle Size 330ml
At a glance Award WinningBeerHawk FavoriteCustomer Favorite
A complex thick old-school imperial stout that clambers round your tongue and then holds on tight to ensure a long long finish. Less chocolatey than a regular Impy stout, Rasputin majors in delicate smoky malts with a light hoppy tickle. Do not drink from the fridge or you'll miss it all!

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