BrewDog's distillery Lone Wolf

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BrewDog's distillery Lone Wolf

BrewDog’s distillery Lone Wolf


Adnams was established 1872, but it wasn’t until 2008 when they announced they were installing a distillery. A few eyes blinked, but they went onto win a cocktail of awards,

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Pils & thrills


Summer is just ending, but there’s still time to crack open a Pilsner. But just how did it become the most popular style in the world?

Pilsner is the beer that took over the planet. Its light, crisp, clear taste,

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Hawk Keg

A Perfect BBQ for Perfect Draft

Picture this: the sun is shining, the grill is hot and your friends are telling you what an amazing person you are. The only thing that could make things better would be to have a keg of beer at your disposal. This doesn’t have to exist only in

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Beer and Food


We like beer. We like food. We LOVE to put them together. And since it’s quickly becoming the season of grilled meat and cold beer, our Beer Sommelier, Maggie, thought it the perfect time to tell you how to

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Tasting Notes – I.P.A



The India Pale Ale: this is the flagship beer for craft beer. The history of the IPA is rooted in England in the 19th century (but it’s notoriously hard to find out how it first started). What is clear,

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Beer Club Logo

September’s Beer Club: Stone & Wood

Welcome to September and this month’s beer club! We hope you’ve gotten used to and love the new additions to the club. We’re pretty sure you’re loving the new (lower) pricing but what about our original content and tasting guide? This month you’ll be getting some food-and-beer pairing

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Liquid Library: Our Favourite Beer Books


There’s been an abundance of beautiful beer books recently. Here’s some of our favourites, plus a classic.

Oh Beautiful Beer
BEST FOR: Design geeks
This book started life on one of our favourite blogs: Oh Beautiful Beer. Harvey Shepard, a

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