We’ve Got Nice Cans!

After the better part of a year working on my bosses trying to convince them of the virtues of canned beer, it appears as though they’ve finally accepted the truth: canned beer is great!

Cans for beer have come a long way since the 70’s and the 80’s–those terrible

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And Union Modernist Bavarian Craft Bier

I’m glad that we’ve chosen the newly-minted And Union for our brewery of the month for February. For starters, since they’ve recently undergone a brand overhaul, it gives us the opportunity to bid adieu to “Brewers and Union” and welcome the tremendously simplified And Union. Secondly I

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Stone Brewing Co. Has Landed!

It’s that time again–those who gazed wistfully out to sea from our western shores finally have their patience rewarded: the great Stone ship has steamed into port carrying delicious gifts from the new world! Sadly, the ship was a little smaller this time carrying with it just a

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November’s Beer Club -Siren and the Mighty Mikeller

I’m pretty sure that the following words have never been said in this order “Hmmm, those Mikeller beers, you know, I can take just them or leave them”…IT’S IMPOSSIBLE AS THEY ARE JUST AMAZING!

If you’ve not come across Mikeller before then the synopsis of the story is that in

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March’s Beer Club–Unsung Heroes

We’ve been doing a lot of work “researching” new beers lately (terribly tough life we lead here) and we’ve got a ton of exciting new stuff coming into Beer Hawk HQ at the end of this month. I’m super pumped about the new lines we’re getting as well

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The Great American Beer Festival Recap

*Phew. I’m back. And partially recovered.

I’ve been to a lot of beer festivals but the Great American Beer Festival is world class. If you’ve never had the chance to go and want to experience the quintessential celebration of beer, then start booking your flights to Denver, Colorado. There

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